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CrossFit will never not do the American swing. It fits their maths, so it’s going to be done. But that doesn't mean you have to do it.
Sometimes when I look at the interactions in the fitness world, everyone turns into monkeys squabbling over bananas.
Some Teen and Master's CrossFit Athletes have found themselves unfairly sidelined from the next round due to abrupt changes from HQ.
This WOD is all about how efficient you are with thrusters. Period.
CrossFit HQ denies responsibility for the events that led to Kevin Ogar's devastating injury, but the evidence isn't as clear-cut.
Kelley started her business sewing around the clock, even while coaching clients. Now she runs a global business focused on sponsoring athletes and giving to the community. All because of wrist wraps.
If you've spent much time talking with Jeff Tucker, it wouldn't surprise you to learn he grew up riding broncos, or that he was a firefighter, police officer, and cheerleader, turned coach.