crossfit open

The Open season is upon us. Follow these rules and embrace the fun of kicking ass – legitimately.
Will affiliates stop at nothing to design and recruit the best super team for the CrossFit Games?
It is time for those with big ambitions to understand what they are getting into. If you are all good with these seven questions , then you're ready to go.
Some Teen and Master's CrossFit Athletes have found themselves unfairly sidelined from the next round due to abrupt changes from HQ.
When your idea of competitive advantage breaks the rules, it is time to rethink your strategy.
Before we go head first into 15.1, here's a look back at some of the most awful, yet unintentionally humorous CrossFit nuggets in the archives.
Be realistic and appreciate what your body is capable of - but also respect its limitations.
Don't read these two stories if you don't want to be inspired. You're never too old to try something new.
The aim of this four-week program is to develop a base of strength for an athlete to be able to improve his or her muscle up ability.
This year’s scaled division makes the CrossFit Open especially inviting for beginners. Here's how to make the most of it.
There's no reason you can’t give yourself every possible advantage - starting right now.
The road to the 2014 Games was different than in previous years, with the addition of the Masters Qualifier, a new training mindset, and being a year older.
Did you participate in the Open this year? What did you learn from making that choice?
Everyone is a coach, everyone is a strategist, but frankly, your game is your game.
Fourteen judges clicked good on a video submission that had the world-record score, which means, clearly, they did not watch this video.
From the announcement to the workout itself there were a variety of perplexing moments. Here is the definitive collection of accumulated 14.3 official "WTF?" moments.
I challenge every box reading this to program workouts for one month without high-rep Olympic lifts or touch-and-go deadlifts. There are so many workout options not being utilized.