dear willow

This week a reader asks Willow how to write a personal mantra to help her stay focused and positive following a relationship breakup.
I currently eat meat and have been thinking about turning vegetarian or vegan. What are your thoughts? What is the right way to eat in this regard?
Dear Willow: I’m relatively new to the yoga scene and I read in many of your articles about your experience with a style called Forrest Yoga. What exactly is this and how do I learn more?
I feel that I am moving into a new level of life and it’s full of wonder and peace. However, on the other side there is this crazy pull back into my old thoughts of anger and fear. Help!
Do you get back pain while sitting in meditation or certain yoga positions? This week Willow walks us through the reasons for this pain and how to develop a strategy to work with it.
Crow pose can be strangely and frustratingly challenging. This week in the Dear Willow column, Willow shares a video filled with tips on finding success in Crow pose.
What is that shaking that happens in yoga? Is it good to hold a pose for so long you shake? Willow gives us the answer this week, on a psychological and physical level.
This week a reader asks how yoga can help his back pain. Willow gives her recommendations on the best types of yoga, how to choose an instructor, and some self-assessment tools.
Dear Willow - Do you have any ideas how to change a pattern in my life? I really want to do something different but just can’t seem to. HELP!
This week an instructor asks how to help a client deal with stress. Willow gives us ideas on how first to identify the stress then tools for alleviating it.
Yoga can not only help your belly look better, but feel better, too. This week Willow teaches us about "Nauli" a type of abdominal exercise that has a cleansing effect on the body.
One of the more challenging things about being a fitness instructor or coach can be receiving feedback from your clients. Willow outlines how to ask for and handle feedback.
This week a reader asks Willow about how to practice minimalist running in unfriendly environments, like the urban jungle full of debris.
Willow uses a fear of being new in yoga class as a stepping-stone for overcoming fear in our lives. Fear of being judged by others should never stop us from pursuing our goals and passions.
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