female athlete triad

New science says it isn't just body fat levels that cause women to lose their periods. Here are three other factors that may be coming into play and you should know about if you are a female athlete.
Have you ever noticed problems with balance, lower energy levels, or fatigue during your monthly cycle? New research gives insight on the effects of the menstrual cycle.
Recent research in Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, assessed the female high school track athletes knowledge of menstrual health and bone loss.
In our first and second series of The Female Athlete Triad, we discussed the etiology of the triad spectrum and screening and treatment strategies.
The intense training programs found in elite youth athletics today prior to, and during puberty, may have a significant effect on the sexual maturation of female athletes.
Screening and diagnosis of the Female Athlete Triad can be challenging for medical professionals, as all elements of the spectrum are not always apparent or fully developed.
The Female Athlete Triad is a devastating health problem facing females in athletics and sports today.