By varying your exercises strategically not only will you gain strength and muscle faster, but you lay the platform for continued long-term progress over successive phases.
The number on the scale isn't everything.
Perceptual motor and work capacity development will make dramatic improvements to your physical competence and performance.
What I’ve come to discover is an entirely new dimension of training, with profound value for those who pursue and coach performance.
You won’t answer your fitness problems with a convenient list. You need a change in your intention.
Even when the fitness gurus say otherwise, there will never be a singular definition of fitness.
For solid gains in general strength, the name of the game is volume.
Digestive health has more of a bearing on our performance than it would first appear, so make sure yours is at its best.
Use this checklist to determine the quality of your current CrossFit gym (and if you need to make a change).
Most exercise programmes focus on a few specialised areas. But these approaches have one fundamental flaw.
If you hate exercise and find it devoid of meaning and inspiration, I have some advice for you - stop.
Nothing worth having comes easy. To enjoy the benefits of lifting, you need to put in the work first.
My concern is that people only recognize cross patterning when it comes to ground-based activities.
Most people of today are disconnected with their bodies. How can we collectively make a difference?
There's no reason you can’t give yourself every possible advantage - starting right now.
Three things to keep and three to leave behind as we move on to a new year.
In this industry, there are both pitfalls and possibilities around every corner. Here's how to navigate through them.