If your foot moves poorly, then your brain gets confused and your position is compromised.
Moving with good form requires the right kind of fuel.
Going minimal will improve your body’s function and your enjoyment of running for the rest of your life.
Regaining lost movement patterns and soothing trigger points are the keys to improving gait.
Learn from my mistakes. Follow these tips on what to buy, what to try, and what you need to remember.
A new study found the MMR running method affects gait, but not performance.
It’s never fun to get hurt. But the truth is your ankles can become a lot more indestructible than most people would imagine.
Moving well enables you to embrace, conquer, and overcome life. It allows you to be capable. You were made to move.
The movement of crawling is being touted as a rehabilitative, restorative, and even a performance-enhancing movement. It would even be hysterical, if it weren't for the fact that is completely true.
While it may seem overly technical, I can verify that knowing what sort of foot you have and a few details about shoe design will make buying shoes incredibly easy.