Today, we are going over a sequence of mobility exercises that can help you get warmed up for you muay thai, Brazilian jiu jitsu, or wrestling practice.
Here’s what you need to know: I am a physical therapist who works almost exclusively with athletes. And over and over again I see a common thread limiting my athletes, their Achilles heel - the hip.
Here's a solution for those of you with sore low backs and tight hips. Get ready to be racked!
Tight hip flexors are a common problem in athletes. A new study aimed to discover whether increased flexibility transferred over to improved mobility.
Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the seven most popular articles of the week. This week: kettlebells, eggs, knee injuries, hip mobility, and more!
How the f@#k do I get into my tight hips? I go to yoga consistently and I don’t feel like they stay released for long periods of time. They go back to being tight right away, what do I do?
A fundamental movement pattern that helps BJJ practitioners learn the use of the hips is called, variously, the “shrimp,” the “elbow escape,” and the “hip escape.” Here's how to drill the movement.
I've often heard that tough pain/emotion/stress/hard experiences are held in the hips. Can you further elaborate on the hip situation? How does this happen? Why is it the hips?
In this first part of our hip opening series we focus on the piriformis and some of the other lateral rotators of the pelvis and hip. Shoelace pose is described in detail.
What does it mean to generate power with the hip? What is a "closed" hip versus an "open" hip and how does this apply to sports?