injury prevention

Whether a movement can be called functional depends on the needs of the individual.
I call out all the fitness specialists who would have you believe they can prevent sport and training-related injury.
These movements won't get you more Instagram followers, but they will keep you fit until the final whistle of the season.
A body built for high performance starts with the core.
Force your system to adapt to challenging stimuli for optimal function and performance.
Movement stimulus with core training ensures that your midsection fires under load.
These four exercises are like insurance policies for your back. Invest now for lasting protection.
If your back has gone from bulletproof to troublesome, it's time to start looking after it.
You are the CEO of your most precious commodity. Call the right shots for lifelong profits.
This year is about combinations. Nothing covers muscle development and body fat reduction than exercises driven by both arms and legs.
Whilst picking up a few niggles can’t be avoided, more serious injuries can be kept at bay. Here are the things I've learned over the years.
Achilles pain can be debilitating, frustrating, and often long lasting. These unconventional exercises will help.
Your shoulders, and mind, will thank you for adding some variety to your swimming – trust me.
Save yourself a trip to the doctor and learn how to treat these common running injuries on your own.
Your feet are your foundation and are responsible for transferring all the force from your body to the ground.
Bookmark this page and make these articles your homework if you consider yourself a dedicated athlete or coach.
What follows are simple hands-on tests that can determine where your injury lies.