A simple to follow, scalable training routine, 3 days a week, 3 months, designed for the mature athlete.
If your training does not include the bottoms-up kettlebell press, your overhead strength and stability are not what they could be.
Introducing a self-limiting element to your training will emphasize movement quality to build precision and strength.
Find out how to take care of your most complex series of joints to improve your lifting and overall shoulder health.
Having a big chest, big arms, and 6-pack abs doesn't always translate to strength.
You don't have to have a million dollar facility to get strong and fit.
There's a whole world of strength and fitness out there that women are just beginning to explore.
These two movements will build your upper back and transform your posture like no other.
Discover the technical secrets of the tsar of kettlebell lifts.
The double clean will make or break your success in learning double kettlebell progressions.
The best gym for big gains can be what you build at home.
The double kettlebell swing will generate enthusiasm in your training by focusing on new skills.
The price and weight gaps can make moving to a bigger kettlebell intimidating, but here's how to progress logically and safely.
In all my years as a practicing osteopath and a competitor, this is the most common injury I've seen.
You'll never move on to the heavier kettlebells if you fail to master the basics of the jerk technique.
Get strong, stay strong, and keep getting stronger by decoupling volume and intensity.
Swinging the kettlebell overhead is unsafe, unhealthy, and unhelpful.