martial arts

From kickboxing to muay Thai, the overhand is an important weapon in any fighter’s arsenal.
Take a lesson from Bruce Lee's system of martial arts to become a more dominant fighter.
The rear naked choke can be used from a standing position or on the ground and serves as an effective submission technique.
Setting up in the arm triangle can help drain your opponent’s energy, set you up for a choke, and improve your defensive position.
An opponent’s unfamiliarity with wrist locks and how to defend them adds an element of surprise to your submission game.
It is important to nullify an aggressive fighter's attack to stay in control during a fight.
These slow kicking drills will enable the development of greater precision and muscular control.
Martin Stamper, a black belt in Taekwondo, gives a step-by-step video tutorial on how to drill for speed, agility, and co-ordination on the mat.
This video demostrates a progression of five escapes you can perofrm as the triangle gets tighter and tighter.
Top UK MMA coach and former M1 Champion Matt "12 Gauge"Thorpe provides step-by-step tutorials on anti-grappling techniques from standing.
Former Pro Muay Thai fighter Master A's gives a step-by-step tutorial on how you can develop powerful knee strikes.
From finding the calm in chaos to learning how to roll with the punches, martial arts will make you a stronger person.
This 12-week program focuses on flexibility training to improve mobility and enhance performance in the ring.
Getting hit takes getting used to, but learning how to take a punch is vital to your success as a martial artist.
If your body is a loaded gun, then your mind is the trigger. If you can’t pull the trigger, you are in trouble.
I travel for work, so I visit a lot of different BJJ clubs. Here's how to find a good place and plan ahead.
There are two methods that all BJJ practitioners should be drilling on a daily basis.