From kickboxing to muay Thai, the overhand is an important weapon in any fighter’s arsenal.
The rear naked choke can be used from a standing position or on the ground and serves as an effective submission technique.
Setting up in the arm triangle can help drain your opponent’s energy, set you up for a choke, and improve your defensive position.
It is important to nullify an aggressive fighter's attack to stay in control during a fight.
This video demostrates a progression of five escapes you can perofrm as the triangle gets tighter and tighter.
Top UK MMA coach and former M1 Champion Matt "12 Gauge"Thorpe provides step-by-step tutorials on anti-grappling techniques from standing.
Former Pro Muay Thai fighter Master A's gives a step-by-step tutorial on how you can develop powerful knee strikes.
From finding the calm in chaos to learning how to roll with the punches, martial arts will make you a stronger person.
This 12-week program focuses on flexibility training to improve mobility and enhance performance in the ring.
This cycle of MMA/BJJ workouts is a well-rounded strength and conditioning plan for the MMA and BJJ athlete that leaves plenty of time and energy for mat time and skills work.
Build a good base of work capacity and strength by manipulating volume and intensity in the early off-season.
Getting hit takes getting used to, but learning how to take a punch is vital to your success as a martial artist.
I travel for work, so I visit a lot of different BJJ clubs. Here's how to find a good place and plan ahead.
Choosing the correct competitive weight class in boxing involves factors unique to the sport.
Getting better at BJJ comes down to one thing - being able to train consistently for a long period of time. But this doesn't mean training TOO much.
A look into the violence - on and off the field - of football, boxing, and mixed martial arts. Why it happens and how we can stop it.
Ultimate Fighter 20 will be the first all-female cast, and the winner will be crowned the UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion.