Even runners who listened to slow music experienced faster times and easier recovery after a 5K trial.
Interact with the environment with virtuosity and poise. Be the musician, letting the notes flow into a smooth melody.
Like the music itself, this is highly subject to the tastes of its listeners. If it helps, use it. If it doesn't, don't.
With up to a 15-hour battery life, this portable speaker can be used away from a power source without issue and can pair easily with any Bluetooth device.
Music isn't just for motivation during a workout. New research shows that music can help you clear lactic acid and recover faster AFTER your workout, too.
What’s your grappling soundtrack? Here's my top ten songs for grappling. If you don't like my choices, feel free to comment. Turns out music is one of those topics that inspires lots of emotion!
Everyone think listening to music helps them work out harder. But does it? Or does it just make you feel that way? Researchers investigate to see if there's any difference with or without music.
Getting fed up with earphones falling out of your ears and driving you crazy in a workout? Yurbuds earphones are a must have for any fitness enthusiast that loves to listen to music on the go.