At a meet on March 24, 2013, Efferding set a new raw record - lifting a total of 2,303 lbs. His 2,303 raw record was set with a 865.2 squat, a 600.7 bench press, and a 837.5 deadlift.
Powerlifters often use special wraps and uniforms for support. Today I'm going to get into the different types of powerlifting gear and talk about how to best use them to your advantage.
During my training this week I had a few moments where I could have kept going but stopped due to pain or discomfort. The last thing I need after all the rehab work is another injury.
I got in some solid training this week, including some band work that proved to be quite the ass kicker. Next week I'll probably deload judging by how I felt Friday.
Rex's Grips are a kind of weight lifting strap I've never seen before. They are much easier to use than traditional straps and just as effective.
Getting mad at the bar isn't just for the bros in the gym. It has an actual purpose related to your "arousal level." Some sports require a higher level for optimum performance. Here's an explanation.
With lots of travel and projects at home this week, getting my training in was a bit of a challenge but I made it work. I also got a new app that I'm excited to use in the future.
New research busts the myth that aerobic exercise is counterproductive to strength and hypertrophy. That's right, aerobic exercise may actually HELP you gain strength and hypertrophy.
I started the week off with a case of the 24-hour flu, but was back to training the next day. I lost a lot of weight, but by the end of the week my strength was definitely coming back.
I had some body fat tests done this week and also got some supplementation advice. The training week was great, but it ended with a mean case of the stomach flu.
What's the world's strongest man look like? Chances are a lot like Mariusz Pudzianowski, five time world title winner. Check out this amazing highlight video.
What does being an endo-, ecto-, or mesomorph have to do with your weightlifting? Quite possibly a lot. Learn about the body types and the impact each has on weightlifting performance.
My clients rarely, if ever, attempt a 1RM. They get plenty strong without it and stay injury-free. Let me explain why you should most likely never go for a 1RM again.
I saw the surgeon this week about my bicep. In the gym, I did a lot of experimenting, trying to see how far I could push my limits in spite of the injury. Turns out I can still do quite a bit!
Olympic weightlifting has long been a rogue sport, mostly by its own doing. How did we isolate ourselves? And is the tide changing? I think so - let's take a look at why and how.
I started out 2013 with what could be a major setback, but I am also achieving a major breakthrough with my grip, and my rehab work is still going strong.
I finished my third week of rehab this week, and things are still going great. I've leaned out quite a bit and noted pretty big improvements from my lifts last week.