If I could make resolutions for weightlifters, retired lifters, prospective lifters, coaches, and more, here's what they would be. What would the weightlifting world look like if these happened?
I'm in my second week of rehab and it's going better than it ever has in the past. Although I may not be squatting heavy yet, I'm slowly getting back to normal after my injury on December 1st.
While thinking about my shopping I thought of my fellow iron-heads and what they would appreciate under their trees. I propose the following gifts to make their 2013 lifting soar to new heights.
We know that squat suits help powerlifters lift more, but how exactly do they accomplish this? Science looks at elite level powerlifters and tries to break down how the squat suits work.
I tore my adductor during my last meet of the year, but I finished the meet and also had one of my most effective training cycles and deloads so far.
What does a man who squats 800lbs want for Christmas? Well, here's your answer - the top ten gifts Chris Duffin, world-class powerlifter, is hoping for this holiday season.
Time to begin my deload leading up to the meet on Dec 1st. I've figured out a very effective peaking strategy, particularly given my current recovery needs.
I stalled out while squatting 804 this week, so I think I'm done squatting and pulling till the meet, as its doing more harm than good. Other than that, I got in some good training and rehab work.
What does the future of fitness hold? Will CrossFit or the Globo-Gyms win out? Will we be swinging from trees doing Primal Move and parkour? Here are my predictions for what's coming for us all.
I got in some training early in the week, and then flew out to Las Vegas to watch some of my team members compete. One of them had the highest total at the event!
Time for a history lesson and a trip back to the early days of strength sports. Find out where your sports came from and what strange movements and rules they used to include.
The horrors of the Halloween season make me think of the even scarier things I see every day in the gym when new trainees attempt to do the squat, deadlift, and bench press.
I had to make a few adjustments to my schedule this week but managed to get in four good sessions. Did some sled work and set a few PRs as well.
After a whole week off due to sickness, I'm back in action this week and feeling better. Working on my chest press this week to build my bench. I even set a raw squat PR of 804.
Say hello to Super D! I'm going to tell you a little bit about myself and then show you all my favorite techniques for strengthening and mobilizing your shoulders.
Holley Mangold is back to journaling with us, Donnie Thompson is getting us stronger and more mobile, and Dusty Hyland teaches us a muscle-up.
This week a reader wants to know if she should compete in powerlifting competitions despite her knee injury. Coach Chris gives advice on treatment and exercises to help her recover.