pull up

A simple to follow, scalable training routine, 3 days a week, 3 months, designed for the mature athlete.
You have 4 weeks before gut busting holiday meals and some time away from the gym. Make it work.
Smart programming, exercise selection, and execution can go a long way to reducing the risk of injury.
Follow these exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles and get your first pull-up in no time.
Struggling at the top of regular or weighted pull ups? Resistance - not assistance - will make you more explosive.
Improving at pull ups is exciting regardless of your level. This approach is simple, but effective.
Get ready to push yourself to get big and strong like Bobby Maximus with these classic workouts.
Train your core, shoulders, and grip with this simple yet devastating variation of the hanging leg raise.
Some of these goals might take years to accomplish. But using them as long-term aims can be great for training motivation.
Try this playful drill to warm up for gymnastics work and improve your grip strength.
Stuck at a plateau? These movements will get your pull ups progressing again.
From the Kevin Ogar accident to Grid, 2014 has been an eventful year for the CrossFit community.
Bands are much like drugs - once you get hooked, it is difficult to get off them.
Do you know why you're following the training program you are? Do you know what the why behind every exercise you're doing?
Let's explore the chin up in depth and how it activates our muscles, as well as how it differs from the pull up.
This training method provides a great way to build the neurological skill to move heavy objects. Here's why it works and how to best use this approach.
This week, Al demonstrates four progressions for the pull up, along with some more advanced variations.