By avoiding our fears, we only make them stronger. Now is the time to change that.
Sometimes when I look at the interactions in the fitness world, everyone turns into monkeys squabbling over bananas.
You can’t just take a bunch of membership contracts, pound your chest and yell to the sky “I HAVE MADE COMMUNITY.”
You need to be ready to make some big sacrifices if you plan on making it to the top of your game.
Holiday get togethers can threaten your progress or they can make you stronger. It's up to you.
Valerie Worthington's book is a guide for the family and partners of people who train BJJ.
Your greatest regrets in business will be about people. Not business abstractions, but real people, with names and faces.
I see many athletes who start out eager and driven, but become disenchanted with the prospect of fitness and do just enough to get by. As coaches, it is our responsibility to notice this behavior.
While we deserve to have our priorities respected, we also need to have limits to our passions and respect others. Here are 3 ways to respect others while still being obsessed with your training.
Valentine's Day has passed and you're still sitting there single and eating clearance chocolates. Here's a better way to get over being single: Join a CrossFit gym - join a community and get fit.
What if yoga looked like play-time and acrobatics with a partner? What if you could do yoga as a way to connect with loved ones, friends, or teammates? There is indeed such a thing - partner yoga.
You're a coach with a student who asks to train with you for free. Not sure what to do? Let's walk through what this looks like in terms of setting boundaries and feeling good about your decision.
Training a student for free and feeling let-down? Uncomfortable with an instructor who keeps hitting on you? Money, relationships, and hero worship are murky areas of boundaries in athletics.
You have no doubt encountered conflicts in relationships, sometimes arising from boundaries being crossed or just not existing. Why are boundaries good and how can develop awareness of them?
Whether for a promotion or a gold medal, sometimes we must compete against friends. How do you keep mutual respect for each other while still respecting the competition?
In my experience, my relationship with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has had many of the trappings of a marriage. What's your relationship like? Extended honeymoon or separate bedrooms?
What does it mean to be coachable? What are your responsibilities as an athlete/student in your relationship with your coach? Find out what some experienced coaches have to say on the matter.