resistance training

By using double barrel rolls, you can stimulate a muscle across every inch of every rep.
The off-season is the perfect time to address the weaknesses and imbalances brought from a year on the bike.
Struggling at the top of regular or weighted pull ups? Resistance - not assistance - will make you more explosive.
Exercise program designers now have the evidence relative to the efficacy of strongman training programs.
Some core overall principles are emerging from the science that suggest how we can kick ass for as long as possible.
Reps, sets, and percentages can guide your training goals, but they're not always accurate. Here's another option.
For females athletes, well-planned training is key to the best hormonal balance and response.
Believe it or not, lesser loads have the potential to recruit a larger number of muscle fibers compared to a 1RM.
Here are some four-exercise combinations, broken down into categories, intended to involve the greatest amount of muscle possible.
A new study asks whether strongman training is a good way to change up a program without losing any results.
Running on a treadmill before lifting weights correlated with a higher response from anabolic hormones.
A new study investigated some of the more mysterious details of muscle recruitment.
If you're looking for a high-quality product to use for travel and on-the-go workouts, this kit is a great starting point.
If you're disappointed in your results, it's time to shore up your training. Are you doing all the following things? Take this quiz!
A recent study asks whether band resistance can improve your back squat 1RM.
Use all tools available to get stronger. But understand the devices you train with cannot be compared with each other.
Since performance is related to how much power you can deliver, the development of force and speed is a good idea.