This is the third and final 12-week training cycle as you approach race season.
Running coach James Dunne explains how the hips, and their powerful extension, are a crucial but often neglected piece in the performance puzzle.
In this video, James demonstrates a simple stretch that alleviates problems related to a tight piriformis.
Running coach James Dunne doesn't want you to run unprepared. Use his dynamic warm up to prime your body specifically for the hard run ahead.
Running coach James Dunne provides cues to tweak the basic quad stretch for improved running results.
As a box owner or an athlete, it is your responsibility to keep things constantly varied (and not random) to keep athletic progress moving.
A common myth is that running is bad for your joints because it is high impact and leads to joint wear and tear.
"The Running Revolution" is a great resource on running form and self-assessment.
Moving with good form requires the right kind of fuel.
The secret to being a better runner isn't more intensity. It's wise use of easy and intense training sessions.
Follow these eight programming principles, and you can run an ultra marathon in twelve months, too.
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Save yourself a trip to the doctor and learn how to treat these common running injuries on your own.
This book is a invaluable resource for athletes who don't have access to physical therapy.
If your toes are more narrow than the ball of your foot, this sequence will help put things back in proportion.
Going minimal will improve your body’s function and your enjoyment of running for the rest of your life.
Your feet are your foundation and are responsible for transferring all the force from your body to the ground.