A new study analyzed the effectiveness of the heart rate-running speed index for gauging running performance.
Ideally, desired adaptations will occur without an over-accumulation of stress. But for some, there's just no getting around that wall.
A new study compares a running start with blocks to other methods more applicable to non-track athletes.
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What is it about power meters that makes them useful when measuring training or performance? Why not just use heart rate or speed?
As a good parent, do you let a kid off eating his vegetables, which you know are good for him, or do you make him eat the green stuff?
How can you expect to perform your best on race day if you don’t practice everything - your nutrition, your equipment set up, and everything else?
Anxiety or stress, if elevated, can result in a variety of negative reactions. Learn to control it.
Think you fall into the trap of assumptions and dogma? Read these pieces and consider how you're training.
Because most runners can’t imagine not being able to run, they tend to ignore the warning signs of impending injury.
ITB issues, if caught early enough, can be dealt with quite easily.
About 2km into my regular run - BANG - a searing pain in my foot. Surely life was over, my fitness would evaporate, and I would be morbidly obese by the end of the week.
Think of training as currency. Once we spend it, there’s little chance to get it back. In the case of running, many of us overspend and wonder why we have essentially gone broke.
One minute you are getting faster and stronger, and feeling as if you're on top of the world. Then all of a sudden something happens. What do you do? How do you get your running mojo back?
I’m a big believer in doing what we are born to do. Some people are built to be really strong, or fast, or go for long periods of time. But we are all built to run.
Changing up your run training with stairs and hills helps improve agility skills, speed, muscle endurance, and so much more.
"Quick Strength for Runners" is an easy-to-follow program that aims to help runners improve performance and prevent injury.