As a reformed running-hater turned running-lover, these are my top five tips to improve your running, both in the physical sense of being better at it and in the mental sense of enjoying it.
Back On My Feet combines running and community to combat homelessness. I recently had the opportunity to speak with one member about his experience.
This new book looks at the science involved in going faster and some of the biggest fallacies regarding bikes, run technique, and pacing strategies, all based on scientific research.
What makes a running shoe good? Do you need to spend a lot of money? What model is right and how should it fit? Here's everything you need to know to buy the right pair of running shoes for you.
A new study explored the best way to improve running economy in masters athletes, and it looks like heavy lifting is the way to go.
You would think fitness would be a pretty big factor in race performance, right? A new study showed the highest performing athletes aren't always the fittest in terms of lab measurements.
We had a great discussion with RunningWOD founder Richard Airey during our #RealKnowledge Twitter chat. If you missed it, here are some highlights from the conversation!
When you look at running in terms of optimal performance the first thing we must address is pace. Often athletes have goal times in mind, but when I ask them about their pace strategy they have none.
One of the questions I get asked most frequently is, "What kind of shoes do I need for running?” Here is my advice, based on my experience and the simple math behind the physics of running.
More and more runners are embracing strength training, but is it really effective? A recent study questions its effectiveness, but we have our own doubts about the study design.
When the weather gets rough, a lot of runners turn to the treadmill for their training. A recent study investigates what effects treadmill running has on gait patterns and form.
On August 6th we're chatting with runner, strength coach, and RunningWOD founder Richard Airey. Learn how to join in and become a stronger, faster runner.
Foot strike may be the most hotly contested aspects of running. Should you strike with your heel, ball of the foot, or mid-foot? A new study suggests when it comes to performance, it might not matter.
It's true if you want to be good at running, then you need to run. But if all you do is run, then there's a good chance you're going to get hurt. Here's how I add strength and technique to the mix.
Running hills is often recommended for endurance athletes, but a new study suggests it might not be the best way to become a better runner.
Are you one of those people who won't run unless someone is chasing you? What if zombies were chasing you? Check out this new fitness game and get motivated to run.
With just eight weeks left before the Great Wall marathon and a crazy packed schedule, I've spent the week figuring out how I'm going to balance work, life, and training.