If yor spine feels a bit out of whack, these simple exercises will help get you coordinated.
The following exercise goes by a number of names including “holding at arm’s length,” “holdouts,” and “the crucifix.
With a few exceptions, most shoulder injuries are not the rotator cuff’s fault. It is just a victim.
The shoulder is a complex area of the body, but maintaining it's strength and mobility doesn't have to be.
When it comes to strength and mobility, simple is always better.
The three exercises in this video are designed to improve posture by reducing rotation and neutralising the pelvis.
Train your core, shoulders, and grip with this simple yet devastating variation of the hanging leg raise.
A common myth is that running is bad for your joints because it is high impact and leads to joint wear and tear.
Most of your training sessions consist of lots of time upside down with your nose to the wall. It’s time to take the next step.
It may seem tedious, but working on shoulder stability and mobility will prevent all-too-common shoulder injuries.
These five simple lacrosse ball exercises will get your shoulders feeling top-notch.
Elbow pain can stem from shoulder misalignment and this simple excersise can help.
Raising a son who has autism and dealing with a shoulder injury taught me CrossFit isn't just about presses and kipping pull ups.
Taking a quick break to follow along with the video will get you moving, stretched, and reenergized.
This is a great flow if your workout includes kipping pull ups, overhead squats, cleans, or push presses.
What's it good for? Why should you do it? What are the secrets that make the it better? Read on for all the answers.
Redcord slings didn't work for shoulder stabilization, but they still provided a good workout.