Would you live in your car to achieve your dream? It's a sacrifice these professional athletes have made to aid their success.
A recent study followed world-class elite endurance athletes to find out more about how they trained.
In this episode, we talk to Eva T. about being an athlete, being healthy, and having fun.
‘Tis the season for winter sports, and that means many of the skiers I coach have disappeared to focus on skill work. A recent study examined the effects of HIIT on skiing performance.
This highlight video showcases the amazing, dare-devil talents of some of the world's most talented skiiers. Even if you don't ski, there are some stunning athletics to witness.
Eva Twardokens, world-class skier and original CrossFitter, shares how Olympic weightlifting rid her of her competition demons and how she coaches her clients to be their best.
Hear from one of the originals what it was like to train CrossFit in the early days, what the evolution has been like, and where she is headed next.
Eva Twardokens is a second-generation Olympian, U.S. Ski Hall of Fame member, and one of the original CrossFitters. Learn about her and try out her three weeks of workouts.
The final week of our 3 week mission to get fit for our winter vacation -- guaranteed to get us in shape for the mountain! Read on to finish up your training for the slopes.
Last week we got started on our 3 week mission to get fit for the slopes! This week the work continues. Read on for great workouts and photo illustrations of all the movements.
Have a ski trip planned, but haven't gotten back in shape yet? Here's a 3 week plan to get you from the couch to the slopes! Start now so you can truly enjoy your upcoming vacation.
Winter athletes run the risk of literally freezing themselves. Learn how to stay warm even in the coldest temperatures and stave off frostbite.