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Choosing the correct competitive weight class in boxing involves factors unique to the sport.
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Dresdin Archibald is a 63-year-old weightlifter, accountant, and international referee. Here are twelve of his articles to educate and fascinate you.
College and professional football players are getting bigger every year. In fact, the average lineman from 2011 outweighs his counterpart from 1942 by over forty pounds. Why is this?
The observance of the MLK holiday got me thinking about the history and future of black athletes in the sport of Olympic weightlifting. While small in number, they have been great in impact.
Women have been competing in weightlifting on the international level for 25 years now. How have things developed in that time? And where will another 25 years take women in this sport?
The Last Headbangers has something for everyone: the most avid fan, the cultural historian, and even the disinterested family member. An honest and enlightening look at the heart of football.