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You are the CEO of your most precious commodity. Call the right shots for lifelong profits.
The more intense your visualisation is, the more effective it will be at improving performance. Here's how to mimic the real-life action.
If your standards are improperly high, you may never see the progress you're looking for.
The main reason people fail is because they don't feel welcome. Do everything in your power to help others succeed.
Many of my clients have asked me how to shape their goals for next year. My answer annoys them as it’s quite simple.
By avoiding our fears, we only make them stronger. Now is the time to change that.
A strong mind can be the difference between failure and success.
As the licensing effect proves, the long-term success of an exercise program comes down to this simple fact.
Realising your fullest potential doesn’t start in the gym. It starts in your head.
Learning to harness the power of anxiety as a driving force in your training will forge you into a mentally strong athlete.
Neuroscience reveals why even the most talented athletes in the world can fall apart under pressure.
How do high-achievers stay continually motivated to achieve their goals?
Success in the gym is all about having a positive attitude about yourself, your abilities, and your ability to keep pushing.
From finding the calm in chaos to learning how to roll with the punches, martial arts will make you a stronger person.
What if we all had a machine that could take all our training choices and compute what is best for us as individuals? We do - but there's no manual.
Before embarking on any form of training, it is important for us to have our mind in the right place.
Before you get all elite, you might need to dial back to the fundamentals that exist in and outside the gym.