I wonder why so little attention is paid to rowing as a skill, compared to Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics.
Most of the time, we’re physically able to shift the metal. We fail because we psych ourselves out.
Lifters can always learn something from one another.
Spend as little as five minutes a day practicing these drills, and your handstand will improve.
The tuck pop up requires both specific motor skills and specific strength. You'll make strides with your muscle up performance.
The good coach is going to be able to evaluate developmental progress on the basis of intangible factors.
When it comes to weight training, I see too many white belts practicing black belt techniques.
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In a competition, it is often the psychological stress that will defeat you, not strength.
In BJJ, a competitor does not need to be as strong as possible. A competitor needs to be strong for his or her body weight.
As a smaller person, one of your biggest strengths is your speed and ability to exploit the holes in the game of your opponent.
Is there any case for only concentrating on your strong points? I am going to say, “Yes."
The undisputed truths all good coaches know and with which all good keyboard warriors can arm themselves in their never-ending debates.
You’ll learn a better feel for what your hand does in the water and how to grab a better hold on the water with each stroke.
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There is a phenomenon in CrossFit that is remarkably consistent across all time zones, borders, and accents. It’s the hitch and bounce.
Today I'm going to show you how to use the hook and the cross to counterattack.