Take a look at this incredible rally from the men's team table tennis semi-final. This is the sport at it's best - fast, furious, and fun.
Through this exercise you will feel your breath travel through your body and observe the deep calming effect it has.
A common frustration is being unable to do an action after receiving a cue from an instructor. This is because we can't properly feel or control our bodies.
These advanced bodyweight variations are excellent for strengthening your hands and fingers.
Stability doesn’t mean you have to do some boring rehab program. Most people are surprised how hard this concept makes their training.
When strength and flexibility are combined to create movement like this, the result is simply stunning.
The human flag not only looks impressive, but is a serious feat of strength and ability.
Sometimes, it's worth taking a step back and admiring the beauty of the sports we participate in.
I used this last year to prepare for both my squat and deadlift workouts leading up to a world record squat.
This flow warms you up with hollow rocks for the core, while opening into a squat, and externally rotating the shoulders as well.
Take your time on this workout. Aim for five slow, controlled reps of each exercise.
We love the fluidity of movement in this video, set in the diverse urban landscape of Barcelona. Sit back and enjoy.
These methods will rapidly accelerate your results, but also teach the body to work more efficiently.
The incredible cliffs of West Ireland provide the perfect setting for cliff diving, a sport of finesse and beauty.
This week, Al demonstrates a step-by-step approach to mastering the pistol squat.
Take your time to go through these inversion drills. Display control throughout the whole movement.
What is behind Andy Murray's rise? What has driven him forward and upward, year upon year?