warm up drills

Before spending loads of time on mobility and movement prep, ask yourself whether it's helping you move closer to your goals, and if it's producing optimal results.
Safeguard your shoulders and get the blood flowing with this comprehensive warm-up routine.
Feeling tight in the squat? Hit a plateau? Shore up your basic squat positions with this drill.
When it comes to developing strength and muscle mass, is your warm-up doing more harm than good?
Use this running mobility drill to improve your gait and create a more efficient running stride.
First, I’m going to tell you how a warm up should go. Then, I’m going to discuss all the factors you aren't considering that might have you get injured.
This week's picks are all about building you up, filling in the holes in the training, and creating a better, stronger, faster you.
We know warm ups can prevent injury, but they can also be used to increase static and dynamic balance. This in turn can increase skill ability in your sport. Researchers look at soccer to prove this.
Does adding functional core exercises to your warm-up help your performance? Turns out it probably doesn't! Recent scientific research looked at what makes a good warm-up.
Pummelling is both an integral part of any combat sport as well as a great warm up. Even if you don't know any martial arts, this video can teach you the pummelling basics.