You love yoga and want to do it regularly, but your bank account just isn't having it. Here are ten ways I've figured out to maintain or even grow your yoga practice without busting your wallet.
You've probably heard that yoga can improve athletic performance. "The Athlete's Pocket Guide to Yoga" is a great book for busy athletes who want to add yoga practice to their training.
This week we talk through camel pose and how learning to build this pose up slowly can make your breathing more effective throughout the day. And therefore possibly you'll be more effective, too!
What are the yoga blues? You’ve never heard of it, because it doesn’t exist! Science is finally starting to catch up to what yogis have known for centuries. Yoga helps your brain make happy chemicals.
What happens when acrobatics meet yoga? A whole lot of excitement and possibility. For me, it was a weekend of freedom and it all began from the moment I said “yes” to the experience.
I need help with my feet when I run. I am wearing minimalist shoes, but my knees still ache. What does it mean to have active feet? What else can I do to strengthen and heal my feet and knees?
What if yoga looked like play-time and acrobatics with a partner? What if you could do yoga as a way to connect with loved ones, friends, or teammates? There is indeed such a thing - partner yoga.
Many of us struggle with tension in our necks and jaws. Today we will practice releasing neck tension during this pose so we can carry that practice through our day.
Knowing which yoga class to try and how to get started can be confusing. Let's look at the history of yoga and the various styles, in order get you started in this mental and physical practice.
Yoga has been around for thousands of years, but is it just a trend in the Western world? And does it matter if it's a trend - maybe it's still worth exploring and practicing? Willow weighs in.
We all have busy lives, but it's not actually that hard to incorporate yoga into your lifestyle. Here are ten tips I've used to do yoga on-the-go and that make me happy and healthier.
With so many trainers and coaches, how do you choose a GREAT one? Here are my five criteria for selecting an A+, great, warrior-spirited coach who can take you past your comfort zone to success.
Stretching will help your performance - you've heard that, no doubt, but do you know why it helps your performance? Let's take a look at what is happening in the body.
Is fear stopping you from moving forward? Our physical practice can also become practice for overcoming fear in other places. For me, my practice is learning and conquering the handstand.
I am working on my yoga breathing - when should I use alternate nostril breathing and when should I use Surya Bhedana? Are there particular benefits to these types of breathing?
Today's video is an abdominal movement called the inchworm. This is a great core exercise based off the plank position. You can modify it up or down, depending on your fitness level.
I am wondering how to get over the fear of doing handstands in yoga. I'm feeling my "inability" to do a handstand is not a physical limitation, but rather, it is only a fear that holds me back.