Danny Clark


Danny Clark
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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Predestined to be a wrestler, strength “addict,” and coach from conception (thanks to his dad), Danny Clark, CSCS, SFG, FMS II was raised in an environment designed to forge high-level athleticism. After his wrestling career ended abruptly in college, he went on to pursue the arts of Brazilian jiu jitsu and MMA, cumulating with a brown belt, a few broken teeth, and a bronze medal while proudly representing Team USA in the 2012 UWW (formerly FILA) World Grappling Championships in Krakow, Poland.


Beyond the mats, Danny's years frequenting the University of Virginia’s departments of Evolutionary Biology, Archaeology, and Environmental Science fostered a unique, interdisciplinary worldview that deeply influenced his concept of fitness and molded his approach as a personal trainer and founder at his gym, Rebar.


As a relentless truth seeker, Danny spends his time distilling information and applying skills earned under the tutelage of the fitness and health industry’s top leaders as well as “chillaxing” with his lovely wife, Abby, and future all-star son, Lochlan.