Gaz Morgan


Gaz Morgan
Strength and Conditioning

Gaz Morgan is the founder and Head of Performance at Above Failure, an organisation dedicated to inspiring and empowering athletes by being at the front line of developing human performance. He is also a Commando Helicopter Pilot, CrossFit box owner, educator, writer, and speaker. By tapping into the processes, skills, and techniques used to train front line combat pilots and professional athletes, Above Failure delivers innovative seminars, courses, and training to enable an elite performance revolution for all.


As a pilot he has flown thousands of hours, commanded missions in operational theatres, and spent the last ten years teaching and training other aircrew. Gaz is also the owner and head coach at Relentless Fitness (home of CrossFit Yeovil). Gaz has developed a performance training philosophy utilising decades of military experience. These principles are the foundation of his ‘Train the Gap’ workshops for athletes and the ‘Coach Humans First’ initiative.


Gaz promotes that movement and nutrition form the basis of building a formidable human machine, but believes that the greatest adaptation takes place in the mind. The principles that drive true performance remain functions of perception, reaction, thinking, process, and habit. These are at the heart of Above Failure training.


Gaz has worked with regional-level athletes and is a frequent guest speaker at international fitness events and podcasts, including Strength Matters.