Ian King


Ian King
Guest Contributor
United States, Nevada, Reno
Strength and Conditioning

Ian King was born and raised on an island in the Pacific. It was there he developed a passion for sport. For the bulk of his adult life, Ian has been committed improving the sporting success of elite athletes.


Ian set out on his coaching career in 1980 with the aim to answer the question "what is the best way to train," and to provide other athletes with the solutions he found to this question. By 1986, with over 100 elite athletes under his guidance, he founded King Sports International, one of the world's first athlete preparation and coach education companies.


During the last thirty-plus years, Ian has serviced athletes through eight Olympic Games cycles (both Summer and Winter), World Cups, World Championships, and Commonwealth Games in over twenty different sports at the elite level and in over ten different countries. However, he doesn’t count the medals - he believes that credit should stay with the athlete.


Ian has taken the lessons he has learned from training elite athletes and applied them to educational material and training programs to benefit every person committed to fulfilling their athletic potential. He has developed and shared more original training concepts, exercises, and innovations used universally through the world than anyone else in the physical preparation world. These works have touched the lives of people, both end users and professionals, in virtually every country. Most people around the world are training using an Ian King-inspired training method or concept even if they don’t realize the origin.


You can find this information and programs in different on and off line magazine spanning back to the 1980s, and also in the extensive range of books, DVDs and audio programs available at King Sports.