Josh Henkin
Josh Henkin
Guest Contributor - Sandbag Training, Senior RKC
Strength and Conditioning
Strength Training

Josh Henkin is a certified strength and conditioning specialist with twenty years of experience in the fitness and sports performance industry. He began his sporting career in basketball and was fortunate enough to walk-on to the Arizona State men's basketball team. A severe low back injury would quickly end his pursuit of playing Division I athletics, but gave him the motivation to search for "better ways" to train.


While attending ASU, Josh pursued his degree in Exercise Science. Josh participated in many certifications, workshops, and training from some of the top professionals in the industry such as Paul Chek, Charles Poliquin, USA Weightlifting, RKC, Charles Staley, and many more.


For ten years, Josh owned and operated Innovative Fitness Solutions in Scottsdale, Arizona. He worked with a wide array of clients from professional athletes to the elderly. In 2005, Josh entered his first competitive strongman contest, tying for first place. Demonstrating quite a dramatic change from his injured days where sitting was his greatest challenge, he would go on to compete a few more times and even compete at a few amateur Olympic weightlifting competitions.


In 2005 Josh began the early development of his Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT) system as well as the creation of the Ultimate Sandbag. After years of working with clients and himself, the DVRT program quickly became a unique form of functional fitness training. So much so, that Josh has become a highly sought after speaker and writer. He has lectured in over ten countries worldwide as well as at some of the top U.S. fitness and performance summits. His work has been seen in everything from Men's Health, the CrossFit Journal, T-Nation, Self Magazine, and many more and has become a highly sought after international presenter and author on innovative functional training methods.


You can find out more about the system and how it is changing fitness and performance programs by visiting DVRT Fitness.

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