Kari Lund


Kari Lund

Kari Lund, a Minnesota native and mother of three, enjoysproviding recipes and resources to help others live a more fulfilling life through eating clean and being healthy.She is the creative chef and photographer of the whole foods-focused blog Cooking Up Clean and a guest blogger for Healthy Bites Catering. 


Growing up in a rural farm setting shaped her food choices and instilled a deep appreciation for farm-to-table eating. She has a passion for growing fruits, herbs, and vegetables in a small urban garden and incorporates them into an edible landscape. 


In her late teens, Kari was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease. After having kids, Kari developed allergies and food sensitivities that further complicated her Meniere’s symptoms. You can read more about her adventures with Meniere’s on her blog


Kari has always enjoyed being in the kitchen and this experience led her back to her roots using whole foods andtinkering with new ways to season and prepare the dishes she loved as a child. Her son’s nut allergies and her own dairy sensitivities have challenged her to expand her palate and driven her to find amazingly tasty ways to change and develop recipes to accommodate these needs.


Karibelieves that everything leading to great health starts with the foods we eat.Simple, nutritious food can make significant and long-term positive changes in health. Kari’s recipes are a testament that healthy eating can be a visual feast and a delicious meal for the whole family.


When she’s not cooking up something great in the kitchen, you’ll find Kari out enjoying the outdoors camping and hiking with her family, relaxing with yoga on the deck, or practicing archery with her husband. She has enjoyed participating in the Dirty Girl Mud Run and continues to run for fun. She and her husband have also dabbled in ballroom dance. Her all-time favorite food obsession is garlic-stuffed olives.