Max Shank


Max Shank
Featured Coach
United States, California, Encinitas
Olympic Weightlifting
Martial Arts

Max Shank “found” exercise at age eighteen without even the ability to touch his toes or do a single pull up. Upon this discovery, Max immersed himself deeply in every piece of information he could get his hands on regarding exercise - from weightlifting to gymnastics and back again. Shortly thereafter, he founded Ambition Athletics out of a desire to help make everyone better, sharing the same strategies that helped him go from “zero to hero.”


Since implementing and refining these training techniques he has excelled in competition at a wide range of sports from Highland Games all the way to jiu jitsu. As a Master RKC for Dragon Door, Max has helped spearhead a revitalizion of the world’s most sophisticated and professional kettlebell instructor certification program. His exceptional bodyweight exercise skills combined with his goal to be a well-rounded athlete led to Max create his magnum opus, Ultimate Athleticism.


Max’s passion to improve his knowledge and personal skills every day has led him to be a sought after international presenter of his unique and pragmatic blend of strength, flexibility, health, and overall athleticism.