Sally Arsenault


Sally Arsenault
Contributor - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Gear Reviews
Canada, Halifax
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Sally Arsenault was not an athlete growing up and did not begin fitness training until she was 26 years old. Her first love was weight lifting, but after being robbed at gunpoint twice, she decided to learn self-defense to take back a sense of control over her own safety.


After trying muay Thai, MMA, and BJJ, she decided to focus on BJJ as it is a leverage-based martial art that was developed for small people, like her, to defeat larger attackers. Although she initially had no intention to compete, the idea grew on her.


Now Sally is a BJJ purple belt under Renzo Gracie black belt Kevin Taylor at Titans MMA in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She founded Titans’ Women’s BJJ program with hopes of introducing other women to the sport she loves. Inspired by watching the participants of Titans MMA’s Cubicle to the Cage documentary series, Sally has also begun training MMA, muay Thai, and wrestling.


Mixed martial arts is Sally’s passion and she is constantly researching training methods, techniques, supplements, nutrition, new training gear, and following leaders in the sport to learn their strategies to become a better athlete and fighter. She is a sponsored athlete of Q5 Combat Supplements, Killer Bee Kimonos, and Aggro Photography.


Twitter: @sallyarsenault