10 Articles and Videos to Help You Get to Grips with Grip Strength

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Grip strength is fundamental to picking things up off the floor. If you can't grip it, you can't lift it. This is why the wiser powerlifters and strongmen pay such attention to strengthening their grip. It's also critical for many other sports, including climbing, parkour, and the martial arts. Given the importance of grip strength, it is surprising how much of a weakness it is for many. Here are ten articles and videos to help you make sure it's not a weak point for you.


grip, grip strength, hook grip, powerlifting, strongman, climbing, judo, BJJThe 3 Types of Grip and the 8 Ways to Train Them (Melody Schoenfeld)

Grip training is quite possibly the most underevaluated area of training out there. And that’s a shame, because honestly, when do you not need at least some modicum of grip strength? 



Get a Grip: 3 Ways to Grip a Deadlift and How to Get Your Grip Stronger (Chet Morjaria)

When it comes to deadlifting, you have three grips to choose from - the hook grip, the double overhand grip, and the mixed grip. Let’s look at each and explore what they each have to offer.


Product Review: Fat Gripz (Logan Gelbrich)

Looking for a simple, affordable, durable tool to strengthen your grip? Check out Fat Gripz - a highly versatile tool that will help you in a variety of unexpected ways.


Video: Ben Musholt: 3 Ways to Build Grip Strength for Bouldering and Parkour (Ben Musholt)

In this video, Ben Musholt demonstrates three ways for you to build grip strength to help with bouldering and the climbing involved in parkour.



How to Build Grip Strength for BJJ (Sally Arsenault)

In Brazilian jiu jitsu, if you can hold on to your opponent's gi, you're going to be in big trouble. You need to work on developing your grip strength - and here's how to do it.


Weight Lifting Straps: What They Are, When and Why to Use Them (Katie Chasey)

Lifting straps - what are they and why should you use them? SHOULD you use them? If so, when? And how?? Let me answer all these question for you regarding weightlifting and lifting straps.


Super D Video: Double Overhand Blob Lift for Grip Strength (Donnie Thompson)

I'm going to show you one of the ways I build grip strength. You grip the bar with both your hands in the overhand grip, and you use a fat bar.


Product Review: Grip4orce (Doug Dupont)

Looking to improve your grip? Grip4orce is a training tool you can use during lifts or on its own to build grip strength.


Strength Training for Judo: Part 1 - Training Grip and Cardio (David Varnes)

When it comes to training for judo it is different depending on the type of player you are. I'll go over the 3 styles, and also take a look at the common training needs of grip strength and cardio.


More Insight Into Developing Grip Strength: Your Hand Digits (Tom Kelso)

We're going to take a closer look at grip strength - with particular attention to your hand digits (fingers and thumb) and their intrinsic muscles.


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