3 Quick and Simple Ways to Relieve Neck Pain or Stiffness

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Are you dealing with chronic neck pain or soreness? Do you feel tension in your neck after sitting at your desk? Or even sometimes while you're exercising?


If this sounds like you, then we have a few different self-treatments for you to try. You can do each of these on your own and they only take a few minutes.



Yoga for Neck Pain Relief


Sometimes after I've been sitting at my desk for a while, I realize I've been clenching my jaw. Or I realize my shoulders have snuck their way up to my earlobes. It can be hard to lose this tension, even during workouts or yoga sessions.



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If this sounds like you, then this video from yoga and running expert Willow Ryan could help. She shares a version of a classic yoga pose - downward facing dog at the wall - and shows you how to get in and out of the pose without creating tension. This pose is a great way to relieve neck pain and stress, and also to learn to let go of that tension during your yoga practice.



Now imagine: What if you had that awareness of neck tension - and how to release it - throughout your whole day?


Acupressure for Neck Pain


If you've been strength training then you've probably jammed your muscles on a lacrosse ball before. In this video yoga and wellness expert Jon Kolaska shows us how to use self-applied acupressure to relieve neck and back pain.




Tools you need:

  • 2 tennis or lacrosse balls
  • 1 sock


Unlike foam rolling, using balls will help focus the pressure you're applying onto the appropriate muscles. They are also more affordable and more portable than a foam roller. Use tennis balls for a lighter approach or lacrosse balls for more intensity.




Remember: This treatment is not about inflicting pain. It's about relieving pain. So if you find yourself cringing, take it a little easier.


Foam Rolling for Neck Pain


If you're involved in a sport that puts strain on your neck, like Brazilian jiu jitsu, then doing some regular soft tissue work can make a big difference. In this video, CrossFit coach and acupuncturist Traver Boehm demonstrates how one particular tool from Tiger Tail USA can be used post-workout to relieve tension and prevent the onset of pain.


Remember: If you train in a sport that's hard on your neck, regular self-care is even more necessary to prevent injury and pain.


Stop Neck Pain Before It Starts

Now you have a few tools for treating your neck pain. But it's probably a good idea to figure out why it's happening to begin with. Here are some articles to help you pinpoint the cause:



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