4 Must Read Articles for MMA Beginners

Becca Borawski Jenkins

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With the rise in popularity of the UFC and Ultimate Fighter, you may have some friends who are new fans of MMA. You want to have them over to watch the fights with you, but you're worried they're going to ask a lot of annoying questions. How can you quickly educate them on some of the finer points of the sport? Have them read these articles.


4 Must Read Articles for MMA Beginners - Fitness, mixed martial arts, MMA, martial arts, wrestling, muay thai, UFCMMA 101: The Arts Behind Mixed Martial Arts

There are three basic areas comprising the sport of mixed martial arts - submission, striking, and wrestling. In this article we break it down and give you examples of styles and fighters.



Wrestling 101: Wrestling in Mixed Martial Arts

More and more people some familiarity with wrestling due to the increasing popularity of mixed martial arts and the UFC, but do you know what the three styles of wrestling are and how they differ?


Striking 101: Striking in Mixed Martial Arts

You know MMA consists of wrestling, submissions, and striking - but do you know the difference between the various styles of striking? What makes Muay Thai and kickboxing different?


What's That Move Called? A Glossary of MMA Terms

After a number of years on the fringe, mixed martial arts has lodged itself firmly in the national Zeitgeist. As a new fan, there are a lot of terms to learn and this guide can help you.

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