6 Training Roadblocks and 6 Guides to Getting Over Them

Becca Borawski Jenkins

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Sometimes on our journey to health and fitness we run into roadblocks. These can be physical roadblocks, where our body is challenged to do what we want. Or these can be mental barriers, of which we may not even be aware. There are also things we think are roadblocks, that really aren't - like aging.


This week's articles are all about the various obstacles we perceive in our training and the ways we can overcome, defeat, and transform them.



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Editor's Picks

The Case for Swimming

When was the last time you were in a pool? Okay, let me ask that again - when was the last time you got into a pool and treated it like a workout? For those of us getting up in years, swimming turns out to be a great alternative when it comes to full-body exercise and cardio. Coach Eric C. Stevens explains how he switched from running to swimming.


5 Tips for Getting Back to Running After a Hiatus

Sometimes coming back from a break is a hard thing to do. Inertia is powerful, whether it's keeping us still or keeping us in motion. Coach Jannine Myers shares the stories of five women she knows and how they handled getting over the hump and getting back to training.



Why All Coaches Need Courage

Roadblocks happen in training, and sometimes it's the coach's fault. Mistakes happen and things sometimes don't work out the way you thought they would. No big deal, right? Well, it's a big deal if you don't 'fess up to it. Coach Andrew Read explains the real courage required to be a quality personal trainer.


Squat Therapy: 4 Drills for a Better Squat

Maybe it's just that your squat itself is a challenge. Here are four mobility drills from strength expert Chet Morjaria to help you with that. Do these regularly and you'll not only feel better, but your squat numbers will likely go up as well.


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How I Trained My 70-Year-Old Mom to a National Deadlift Title

Think it's too late to take on a new sport? Don't tell coach Andrew Read that - and especially don't tell his mother. At seventy-plus years old, she just set a national powerlifting record and now she's got her eyes on the worlds. Andrew details how he trained her to this accomplishment.


How to Use EFT to Overcome Challenges in the Gym

Sometimes our challenges in the gym have nothing to do with physical limitation. Sometimes they have to do with obstacles in our minds. The upside is that these are obstacles we put there ourselves - so we can also take them away. Coach Logan Christopher explains how to use the tool of EFT to remove mental barriers.


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