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Are you going to sit on the Internet and read all day, or are you going to go lift something heavy? How about let's do both? In honor of our featured coach Mark Bell and the joy of going heavier, we've put together a list of our best articles about strength training.


Read these articles from our expert coaches to learn everything you need to know to get STRONG.



Everyday Squatting for the Everyday Athlete (Nick Horton)

The so-called "Bulgarian" methods of training have crawled their way out of the darkened clubs of the hardcore and reached into the light. What is it and how do you do it? Read on!


strength training, getting strong, getting big, lifting heavy, dan johnIncreasing the Deadlift for the Collision Sport Athlete (Dan John)
You can drive your deadlift up to amazing numbers by NEVER deadlifting heavy. In fact, sometimes I think it is actually counterproductive to pull heavy deadlifts.


Featured Coach: Sean Waxman, Part 1 - Building a Legacy (Becca Borawski)
Sean Waxman comes from a family three generations deep of national and world level athletes. Adept at football, baseball, and track, it was in college that Sean truly fell in love with Olympic weightlifting. He gave up football to focus on weightlifting and becoming a coach.


The 5 Best Olympic Weightlifting Shoes for Under $200 in 2012 (Nick Horton)
Gone are the days where you have to spend $250 to get a pair of shoes that will last you years. Now you can spend almost HALF of that, and have shoes that will last you for years.


Deconstructing the Front Squat (Mindith Rahmat)
When it comes to elite strength and conditioning the mechanics of squatting are critical for the development low body strength and power. Find out why the front squat rules them all.



Resistance Training Velocity: Is Faster Better? Or Slower Stronger? (Tom Kelso)

The debate continues: should one resistance train with a fast or slow velocity of movement? It is time we take a look at the evidence-based research - and add a dose of common sense.


Deadlifting With Chains: Why Science Says Chains Work (Becca Borawski)
Maybe you’re a powerlifter or maybe you’re new to strength training and a little scared of powerlifters. Either way, you could probably benefit from some science behind the use of chains.


An Introduction to Implement Training: Get Strong Like a Strongman (Mindith Rahmat)

Implement training is on the rise in strength training programs today. Implements used in strongman training can include; tires, sandbag, stones, chains, wheelbarrows, kegs, logs, sleds, and more.


Breaking Muscle Video - The Deadlift (Traver Boehm)

The deadlift is a misunderstood and oft vilified movement. The truth is - we do it every day. Coach Traver Boehm shows us how to do it correctly and safely.




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