A Sandbag Deadlift to Keep Lower Back Pain Away

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Many people suffer from low back pain. Josh Henkin of Ultimate Sandbag Training shares a sandbag drill that strengthens your back and improves hip rotation and stability, often impaired by excessive sitting. Use a sandbag to perform the following exercise, called the crossover step deadlift:


  1. Stand in front of the sandbag and deadlift it off the ground to hip height.
  2. As you hinge at the hips for the eccentric part of the movement, step backward with one foot and place your toes on the ground behind your opposite foot.
  3. Pause at the bottom of the movement, then push through the toes of your back foot to return to a standing position. Repeat with the opposite foot.


When you cross over with your feet, keep your hips stable and avoid rotating them. This allows you to perform the exercise correctly and improve lateral stability and mobility that can keep back pain at bay.


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