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Real Athletes. Real Coaches. Real Knowledge.

1. We value your work, your devotion, and your desire to improve yourself in your chosen sport or athletic pursuit. We are a platform to enable you to achieve the best in yourself.


2. We are not for or against any person, any entity, or any ideology. We are committed to our coaches and athletes, and we respect their views and opinions.



3. We cherish community. We don’t have any desire to dismiss, denigrate, or deny anyone their sport, their athleticism, their approach, or their passions.


4. We want to be interesting, inquisitive, and open to sharing the knowledge and expertise of our coaches and athletes.


5. We don’t believe in compelling anyone to do anything. We believe people are smart enough to find their own path.


6. We will not censor our coaches and athletes. We are their platform. They inspire us, inform us, and motivate us.


7. We are your platform. Like you, we are independent and driven to be the best we can be.


Please also read our coach's manifesto and athlete's manifesto.

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