Ancient Indian Exercises to Unleash Your True Strength

Marcus Quijas


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Jori (Clubs)

The Jori are clubs are always used as a pair, and again their heritage comes from warfare. Many parallels have been drawn with Iranian clubs, or Meels, as the Persian invaded north India many centuries ago and thus there was an exchange of cultures. Today the Jori has its own separate identity. It takes great skill and coordination to wield Jori effectively, and it is an exhilarating experience once understood.



the jori is a great way to build power


Again, the Jori move is called the Rumali (head move).


From the ready position, the Jori is swung over and away from the shoulder in a large semi-circular arc over one shoulder. The Jori that is in motion is pulled cleanly over the shoulder to rest on the upper chest, the arm pulling it down and away. At the point of contact the second club will be swung, replicating the movement of the first.


The movement is done for repetitions. It is a particularly good exercise for the grip, shoulder girdle, back, chest, and torso. It is a full-body exercise that requires timing and a high level of concentration. It also makes you feel like a true warrior!


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