Ancient Indian Exercises to Unleash Your True Strength

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Dumbbell Swing

The dumbbell swing evolved in the last couple of centuries when the British Empire ruled in India. A cross-pollination of physical culture took place. The British saw values in the club training of the Indian wrestlers. The British modified it to suit their own needs and took it back to their country, where it widely became known as Indian club swinging. The modified version utilized smaller clubs in more of an intricate gymnastic fashion.



Meanwhile, the Indian wrestlers adopted the dumbbell to fit in with their current training paradigm. The circular dumbbell swing, or cast, mirrors the Jori swing. Whereas the Jori is swung from the rear to the front, the dumbbells are swung from the front to the back. This makes them highly complementary to each other, in keeping with the holistic approach taken in Indian physical culture.


After cleaning a pair of dumbbells to the shoulder, rotate at the waist firing one bell across your center line in a semi-circular arc. Allow the weights momentum to carry through. Rotate your torso, using it as a counterweight.


Ancient Indian Exercises to Unleash Your True Strength - Fitness, functional fitness, strength and conditioning, indian clubs, minimalist


Pull the dumbbell in quickly as it reaches the opposite side back to the clean position, dipping the knees to absorb the force. Repeat with the opposite dumbbell for repetitions. This exercise is great for the grip and really hammers the upper back. It can get draining very quickly, especially when the weights are increased.


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