Ancient Indian Exercises to Unleash Your True Strength

Marcus Quijas


Strength Training, Odd Object Training



Programming Tips

To integrate these exercises into your own training, I would suggest initially using them at the beginning of your session to work on technique, or leaving them until the end for conditioning and grip.



  • If you train at the start of your training session, spend 5-10 minutes playing around with one movement, seeing how it feels. Consider this as part of your warm up routine. Do not push it, but strive for perfect form.
  • If you train at the end of your session, pick one exercise you have experience with and try to push yourself with it. A good examples would be 30 seconds of work, followed by 30 seconds of rest for a few minutes, using Tabata-style training, or performing a set number of repetitions on the minute for a set time.


Above all, have fun with these exercises! In my next article I will talk about the Dand and Bethak as well as how to create an all Indian exercise program. May the power be with you!


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