Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 67 - Time to Refocus

Chris Duffin

Contributor - Champion Powerlifter

Portland, Oregon, United States



EDITOR'S NOTE: Welcome to the Athlete Journal of world champion powerlifter Chris Duffin. Follow Chris as he trains and competes in various events over the coming year. Chris's journal will be posted every Tuesday. You can also read about Chris on his website Kabuki Warrior.


Athlete Journal, Entry 66 - Time to Refocus



Sometimes, things just don’t work as planned. No longer had I ended my competitive season last year than I was very anxious to get back to competing again. In retrospect, I was a little too anxious, and now believe I moved too fast through my off-season training. This didn’t allow me to address everything I had hoped to deal with during that time.


chris duffin, powerlifting, deadliftAs I ramped up my training this summer a few things came back to haunt me, and I kept pushing my planned competitive meets back later and later. I had been trying to find a meet since June, but kept moving the date backwards because I didn’t feel properly prepped.


This last weekend I went to compete. It would have been my first meet back since the injury I picked up at the 12/1 meet last year. I had a fairly easy cut, made weight, and then put the weight back on. Then the evening before the meet, I got a stomach bug, spent the whole night up with diarrhea, and ended up having to back out of the meet. This shouldn’t have been much of a concern. However, it made me reflect on the fact that I have continually side stepped competition this year due to not feeling fully prepared. At this point I think I need to wrap up my competitive season, even though I never competed. It’s time to refocus and do the foundation work that I cut short this last winter to get myself properly prepared for next year.


From a training standpoint, I didn’t train last week. Weighed in at 220.0lbs on Friday.


Time for a new chapter in my training.

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