Athlete Journal: Travis Holley, Entry 13 - 7/4/12

Travis Holley

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Austin, Texas, United States


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Travis Holley - Athlete Journal 7/4/12

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I know how to swim!!! Hahaha.


We leave for Cali one week from today, so I figured I better get on my swim game….or lack thereof. To tap into my aquatic abilities, I hired Aaron Arehart to be my swim coach. This guy is built for the water – long and lean, he cuts through the water like a hot knife through butta’. Not only that, but he is a excellent coach who has an amazing crossfit, crossfit games, crossfit central, travis holley, crossfit regionalsability to take complex ideas and break them down into simple, easy to understand skills and drills. The end result: Within one hour of getting in the water, I swam a full length of the pool with decent technique! My coach said so! Hahaha.


Now, this may not sound like a great accomplishment to a lot of you out there, but for me it was HUGE. You have to understand, the last time I was able to “swim” was in a high school P.E. class in 1999! After that class, I was able to “swim” well enough not to drown, but if you asked me to move from Point A to Point B quickly, it was NOT going to happen. 


With all of the mini-triathlon-type WODs popping up on, it is almost certain that there will be some water component to the team competition. The likelihood being as high as it is, I knew that I had to step my abilities and confidence in the water. I AM NOT GOING TO BE THE WEAK LINK! I refuse to be the guy that holds our team back from the greatness we are capable of. That was my motivation, and remains to be the driving force that pushes me past my mental and physical barriers each day…in the gym, or in the pool.


So, with all that being said, I have made some huge strides as a swimmer, but I have a way to go. I sat down with Aaron and scheduled three more swim sessions before we leave for Carson City so that I am as ready as I can possibly be.


Lesson here is that whatever that one thing is that you despise to do, you will grow exponentially if you dive in and get after it. Usually, the only reason you despise it is because you’re afraid of it, or afraid of failing. This is a natural human instinct, but it also tends to hold us back from growing as people. You cannot let this happen. 


I live by a very simple rule that I know will be extremely powerful for you if you apply it in your life:


If you can't, you MUST!

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