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Bob Takano

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One of the functions of the coaching eye is to detect an error during the heat of battle. If you see your lifter making an error that is correctible, what do you tell him before the next attempt to fix the problem?


This video clip is Nghiep Dinh’s third attempt miss with 99kg at the 2011 Nationals. I was coaching him at the time so didn’t have to worry about another attempt, but if I saw this on the second, what would I tell him?


Because Nghiep has such great speed many observers might miss the technical error. He failed to fully extend the ankles before moving his feet. This kept his hips from coming through and altering the bar trajectory so that it would be placed directly overhead where it could be supported.


Very quick lifters like Nghiep often tend to use their speed as a default, but this time he went for it too quickly before fully extending.

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