Build A Resilient Spine: Challenge Your System

Matthew Ibrahim


Medford, Massachusetts, United States

Strength Training, Mobility & Recovery


You can’t build a strong, stable spine by moving in just one plane of motion. More importantly, you can’t build a resilient spine without providing a challenging stimulus for it to respond to.


Core-strengthening exercises.

Use these challenging core-training exercises to force your body to adapt and build strength.



Challenge Your Body to Work as a System

Designing an intelligent program that covers all aspects of core stability and strength is truly the game-changer in terms of efficient movement and performance. To make sure to cover all your bases when it comes to training your core the right way, you need all of the following:


  • Anti-extension
  • Anti-rotation
  • Anti-lateral flexion (side-bend)
  • Anti-flexion (more on this in the next article, when I cover the one-arm farmer’s carry)



We covered specific core exercises in my previous article. Now it’s time to step it up a notch and discuss progressions in these exercises to provide an increased challenge.


These four exercises will provide a challenging stimulus for your body to respond to:


  1. Long Lever Mountain Climber
  2. McGill Side Bridge
  3. Dead Bug With Breathing
  4. Tall Kneeling Pallof Press


Continue for Video Demonstration of the Long Lever Mountain Climber


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