"Dear Coach": 7 Questions We've Answered

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Every week, our coaches offer their advice on reader-submitted questions. Here are 7 topics we've covered, including nutrition, ripped hands, kettlebells, and more. If you have any questions you'd like to see answered, send them to dearcoach@breakingmuscle.com!


"Dear Coach": 7 Questions We've Answered - Fitness, kettlebells, dear coach

Dear Coach: Are Double or Single Kettlebells Better? (Andrew Read)

After reading Andrew's article on how to build muscle in grapplers, a reader has a question - does he really have to use double kettlebells for the routine, or can he get the benefits using one?



Dear Coach: Can I Get Strong As a Raw Vegan? (Danette "Dizzle" Rivera)

Is it possible to work out hard and get results as a raw vegan? Danette, our resident vegan CrossFitter, weighs in on this question and gives a fruit truck load of tips and advice.


Dear Coach: How Should I Eat to Gain Muscle? (Chris Duffin)

Another classic question from a reader: how should you eat to gain muscle and how best to track your improvements? The answer comes from powerlifting champion Coach Chris Duffin.


Dear Coach: How Do I Get Better Cardio, Without Losing Strength? (Nick Horton)

It's the age old question - you're getting stronger, but you've lost your cardio. Now what? Can you have lungs and muscles at the same time? Coach Nick chimes in on this one!


Dear Coach: How Can I Tone My Waist and Tummy? (Becca Borawski)

I'm 58 and I workout every day - I love going to group classes. My main problem is not being able to tone my waist and tummy muscles. Can you help please?


Dear Coach: Need Help Preparing For the Military (Tom Kelso)

I was hoping you can give me some advice on weight management/control. At the moment I'm preparing to enlist in the military and need to make the max weight for my age and height.


Dear Coach: How Do I Keep My Hands From Ripping? (Becca Borawski)

This week a reader asks how to prevent ripping of the skin on her palms, and if they are ripped, the best way to heal them up. I've got plenty of tips for both those things!

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